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Sapa Catholic Church

Sapa Catholic Church

Sapa Catholic Church has been renovating and preserving the image as it is indispensable in the context of the town of Sa Pa. Currently the buildings, ancient villa in Sa Pa is not much. The imprint of the French architecture remains the most perfect stone church that Sa Pa. The church building early 20th century. Before placing the first brick foundation for this work, the French architect has carefully chosen location to build. Sa Pa Church is located on a prime location next to the Ham Rong Mountain is a shield, the front is broad, flat, may develop more cultural facilities for social activities. In particular, the church in the center of the town of Sa Pa, standing at the four sides can be observed relic, along with two other buildings built by the French villa owner Bridge (now Hoang Lien Hotel is) and the former District Commissioner (now the headquarters of the Center for Lao Cai Tourist Information) form an isosceles triangles with distinct architectural style of France.

Choosing the direction of the church is an important spiritual meaning for Catholics: First monuments turn to the east, the direction of sunrise, the light source direction welcoming God. End church (the bell tower) is West, birthplace of Christ.

The shape and architecture of the church was built under the cross by Roman gothic architecture. Architecture that is reflected in the roof, bell tower, dome book ... are created for the project pyramidal fly gentle strokes. The whole church was built of hewn stone (walls, floors, bell tower, church yard, embankments around) are linked together by a mixture of sand, lime and molasses. Cross section of the wing wall on the right was created flows down rough like stone adds natural beauty to the monument. Roof tiles, lime straw ceiling (now refresh). Especially the ceiling in the bell tower (near the bell) is a mixture of lime, straw, iron, has not touched them since.

With a total area of ​​the church compound than 6,000 m2, Sa Pa church has space for the layout of the area include: The church, rows of the rectory, the priest's house, animal house, house angel , the front yard, fences, garden into. Made hut built alongside the church, including five times: Gian close to the bell tower of the priest as guest rooms, the sanctuary is near the office of Bishop, three between the living room.
The angels include a basement, three floors above the space where cure the sick, who travel through the night, to identify areas, toilets, kitchens ...; garden into two graves, 5 plants Khao Gold on hundreds, including four plants growing on rocks.


The church was built of hewn stone.

Area churches are seven times wider than 500 m2, the 20 m high bell tower, the tower is 1.5 m high bell, cast in 1932 weighing 500 kg, resonate within a radius of nearly 1 km. We, on the surface of the bell was clearly stated ballooning, raising money ... The bell ringing wooden racks Pomu remain after restoration.

Rosary Cathedral in center of Sa Pa is the destination of many tourists come here every opportunity. Although a number of restoration and renovation by war and violent destruction of nature but the church is between the charm and soul of a religious architecture.

Since it was built until now, the church Sa Pa is always the site of many cultural traditions of the peoples here. Right in front of the church area and the pine Tennis perennial, where every evening the 7th weekly place of unique cultural activities of ethnic minorities that visitors commonly known as " market situation. " With flute, trumpet leaves, each mentoring forum, and the earnest tone of spreading chao inclined boys, girls who Mong, Dao ... Along with prayer takes place in the weekend to create space for the church more sparkling, magical and extraordinary appeal.

Besides, due to a construction project is very early, with the land and the people here, Sa Pa Church is experiencing a lot of historical events. Since its inception, the church Sa Pa always had priests in the parish to serve parishioners. But the following year, due to the presence of the Japanese military, the religious activities of religious church has stalled. The following years of constant war to the people to be evacuated, the parish barely living, church, parish house deserted. Then, the church became the repository of rice, the country is teaching school.

Starting in 1995, local authorities allow restoration of the first church and parish to continue living again. At the same time, two parish Almost Thao, Lao Chai (parish ethnic Mongolian established in 1920) was re-established and initial living expenses. But only the important occasions in the years to the father to celebrate Mass and the sacraments service to the community. May / 2006, Sa Pa parish priest administration official and permanent residence of the last 60 years no pastor. In 2006 was conducted Monday restored roof and foundation repair.

With a taciturn character as the inherent nature, the Sa Pa is the hidden mysteries are still dormant waiting to be discovered.
South Central

This church is located in the center of town. In front is a large stadium. Every day, the national focus in this crowded trade, barter. This is where the first seven hours weekly praise rang so called friends of the couple in the market situation is full of ethnic culture and breathing mountains. The mansion and the old moss has its own beauty, creating a scene, "the old castle positive ball" very typical. Especially when the old shadow looming looming in the mist from which our people are not thrilled.