Local Time: Friday, February 23, 2018 11:28 PM

Sapa Luxury Holidays

Not only for adventure lovers, Sapa is a superb place for elderly visitors, family travelers as well as young couples and honeymooners to enjoy holidays. Luxury Holiday Packages includes the international 4 star hotel, its services and selected visiting programs, and will satisfy Sapa holiday makers who wish to enjoy their vacation in comfort. However due to the limitation in quantity of these services, your booking should be made as early as possible for avoiding overbooking especially in high season.

4 Days 5 Nights/$458 per person
3 Days 4 Nights/$373 per person
3 Days 4 Nights/$412 per person
3 Days 4 Nights/$350 per person
2 Days 3 Nights/$255 per person